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About Townsville Mobile Vet

Townsville Mobile Vet is a highly personalised veterinary home service operating in Townsville since 2013. With a comprehensive range of services and the utmost dedication to providing top quality mobile vet care in the comfort of your own home, the stresses associated with taking your pet to the vet are virtually eliminated, pet owners are extremely grateful for the service and their animals are much more relaxed in their home environment than at a clinic. 

Whether you are a busy parent, a multiple pet owner or just simply someone who prefers their animal's veterinary care to be convenient and stress-free, we can offer a personalised solution to best look after your four legged family member's needs.

Dr Tom Osmond

Qualification: BVSc

Tom originally came to Australia from the deep south of New Zealand over 30 years ago for a six-month working holiday, but the beauty of North Queensland, its weather and hospitality lured him in and he decided to stay permanently. Tom is now a true-blue Queenslander and proud Cowboys supporter. His hobbies include recreational boating, fishing, road cycling, carpentry and welding! Most important to him is his wife and children, then comes his love for Veterinary Science. Tom has always felt an affinity towards animals and loves problem solving for the benefit of their health and wellbeing. He has worked in a large mixed practice here in Townsville and has now branched out on his own as a mobile vet.