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Your pet's health is very important to us, so yearly health checks are a part of our service on offer. Regular vaccinations are just as important for your dog, cat, puppy or kitten and are an important preventative measure in keeping your pet healthy.


Heartworm is spread through the bite from a mosquito, here in NQ we have lots of them so preventing this disease is paramount. Once infected, the worms reside in the heart of the host during the final stage of its life cycle. It can cause congestive heart failure and death.

It is easily prevented by a monthly preventative or by an annual injection (for dogs). If you or your vet suspects heartworm, a simple blood test at your house can show if the parasite is present.

Microchip Implantation

In Australia, dogs and cats are sold, lost or stolen each year. Alot are not microchipped and may never find their owners again. A simple microchip can help a pet find its way back to its owner.

Queensland law states 'All dogs and cats born after 10 April 2009 must be microchipped before they are sold or given away. All regulated dogs must be microchipped regardless of when they were born.

Microchips may be implanted only by a vet or other authorised implanter. When your animal is implanted with a microchip, the implanter must provide the microchip's unique number, the animal's information and your contact details to a licensed registry service. It is your responsibility (owner) to make sure these records are kept up to date.

When the microchip is read or scanned it shows the microchip number which is linked to information about the animal, including its owner and the owner's contact details. This information is important if your animal is lost or impounded'.

Lost, found or impounded animals, change of ownership or new registrations can be accessed by visiting the Australian Animal Registry at

Nail Clipping

We provide nail clipping for your dog or cat. Eliminate the stress of trying to clip them yourself, and allow us to trim your pet’s nails in the stress free environment of your own home.

Anal Gland Expression

Ever noticed your pet scooting, rubbing or trying to chew at its bottom? Your dog most likely has full or blocked anal glands.

Why do they have these galnds? Scent identification and marking of territory. This is why dogs greet each other by sniffing each others backsides! If these glands become full or are not expressing during defecation, there is risk of impaction, infection and even rupture. There may be an anatomical abnormality that can impede the emptying process. So regular checking and expressing when required is very beneficial to your pet.

Nutritional Advice and Prescription Food

Today, supermarkets and pet stores have a large range of pet food available. How do we pick one that suits our pets needs? Let us design a nutritional plan for your pet based on age,any weight problems, diabetes, liver or kidney problems, pancreatitis or even bad teeth. We have direct access to an extensive range of vet supplies and pet foods for you to choose from. Just ask us, we are happy to plan this with you.

Dental Checks and Oral Hygiene

Dental Disease is a concern for most pet owners today. Affected teeth or gums can cause bad breath, pain and inflammation that impede eating and overall health. Dental disease increases the risk of bacteria entering the blood stream and is the cause for some heart disease, arthritis and can affect other organs leading to very poor health.

Specialist Referral

Patients that may need further advanced treatment, imaging or specialised care can be referred to our preferred vet by setting up the referral appointment for you. Such referrals may include , advanced medical or emergency treatment, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery referral, x-ray, advanced ultrasound, CT or MRI imaging.

Home Euthanasia

Making the decision to have your beloved pet put to sleep is never an easy decision. It can be compounded by having to transport your sick, injured and stressed out pet to a local clinic. We provide a compassionate and personalised home euthanasia service to avoid all those unecessary stressors by coming to you. At home your beautiful pet is in their own environment which is calming and a much more peaceful setting, filled with your pet’s favourite things and the people they love.

We will give you preparation advice and comfort. We can help arrange a variety of professional individual burial and cremation services for your pet with a local company.

Ears, Eyes and Skin Issues


Here in North Queensland we live in the land of allergies which creates many problems for pets who are susceptible or are predisposed.

Townsville Mobile Vet (TMVet) provides a full workup for ears using an otoscope to view within the ear canal and timpanic membrane (ear drum), ear swab cytology to diagnose pathogens proliferating within the ear, medicated ear flush and in-ear medications to eradicate problem ears. Signs of ear problems may be head shaking, rubbing, scratching, head tilt to mention a few. If your dog has any of these it's well worth a check up to get a resolve.


Some of the most common eye problems are corneal ulcers, foreign bodies and blunt trauma. Your pet runs through the grass and gets a seed in its eye or runs into an object causing trauma to the orbit, eye socket, conjunctiva or cornea.TMVet has a standard eye package that includes, Shirmer tear test to check that tear production is adequate and 'dryb eye' is not a cause. flouroceine stain to show any damage or defects to the cornea and alcaine topical anaesthetic to allow examination behind the third eyelid and around the conjunctiva for foreign bodies and trauma. Eyes can deteriorate quickly prompt treatment can save your pets eyes.


North Queensland is home to many allergens that cause pets a lot of grief which in turn costs owners a lot of money. With the latest in treatment medications your pets skin problems can be diagnosed and treated successfully. There is also referral to visiting skin specialists for those very difficult cases that arise from time to time.


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